Bonfire woking in the great outdoors

We enjoy the month of May in the best way possible: outdoors. The month’s fresh air and warming sunshine lures us outdoors, and we make use of every opportunity we get. Nor is there much better than a proper bonfire meal after work. With the firepan accessories, it is possible to make innumerable dishes. Only creativity sets limits here.

A proper bonfire woked meal can be made in many ways and tastes all the better eaten around the fire. We have made one with strips of pork and vegetables. Cut the meat and vegetables in pieces before you go out – this makes cooking around the fire a party. Sauté the meat in a Espegard Wok. Invite friends or gather family for a special meal around a genuine bonfire. Good times enjoyed around a fire make fine, long-term, fond memories.


It is just good to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, the fresh spring air, good bonfire food and excellent company.