Woked trout in butter

With its long, bright nights and famished trout just under the surface of the water, June is a fine month to go fishing. We enjoy canoeing, so it is no problem to bring along a wok for the bonfire in the evening.

What could be better than trout woked in butter with red onions and garlic? And it is lovely to gather around the wok in the evening where everyone around the bonfire can help with the food. This is what fond memories are made of.

The fishing expedition was once again successful, and the catch fried in good butter with red onions and garlic. When we were ready to prepare the meal, we started by melting a nob of good butter. (The wok should not be so hot as to burn the butter.) Meanwhile, I chopped the red onions and the children helped by peeling the garlic. When the bonfire was suitably hot and ready, the trout, red onions and garlic all went into the wok at the same time. – Seasoned with salt and pepper. We let it sizzle and fry well to begin with and then kept gently turning the ingredients until the trout was cooked through. Easy peasy! Try it yourself! Eat it with your fingers directly from the wok or from a wooden cutting board.

Bon appétit!